Installation marathon... or image CoPy

If several computers with same configuration to deliver were, had with each computer the non removable disk with the operating system and and additionally with the programs to be installed. If you furnish now for example 10 equal PCS, you must accomplish the same work likewise 10 times, it are, you use image CoPy. Also after a system crash the operating system and the application software had to be only toilsomely installed. Everyone, which installed also only once a computer probably, knows the "Installationsmarathon": Operating system and applications install and already some hours passed. With a non removable disk with several operating systems the expenditure multiplied. Hard disk Cloning and Disaster Recovery with image CoPy universe these work cost on the one hand much time and need on the other hand expensive technical personnel. With image CoPy are this time and geldverschwendung once and for all past. Image CoPy copies complete non removable disks either from disk to disk (hard disk Cloning) or provides from an image file a complete operating system installation with all user programs (Disaster Recovery), from which to a later time a new plate can be provided. The goal plate needs to be for it neither formatted nor partitioniert and can completely different parameters than the origin plate exhibit. Image CoPy adapts when copying all partitions to the parameters of the goal plate and changes if necessary also the Windows boat manager, so that even plates with mixed operating systems can be copied such as DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2 and Novell Novell-Netware etc.. Partitions with FAT and/or FAT32-Filesystem can be also directly extended or made smaller when copying, in order to use the place on the goal plate again optimally. Both IDE and SCSI plates can be copied. The operation of the programs is simply manageable by the comfortable graphic operator surface with mouse control also for the technical layman. What is hard disk Cloning? Hard disk Cloning copies complete non removable disks bits for bits, so that all data e.g. the Registry or the long file names of Windows 95 on the goal plate again exactly the same are as at the original present. Also the different parameters of origin and goal plate (e.g. different number of sectors and/or heads of the plates) can become balanced, and all other non removable disk-specific data (e.g. the boat manager of Windows NT) to be adapted automatically. With image CoPy you copy your once provided master plate fast and simply on as many as desired goal plates, which can be even smaller than the master plate, since FAT and FAT32 partitions in the size can be changed freely; Formatting and Partitionieren of the goal plates do not need to be accomplished, this by the program during copying are automatically settled. Other file systems e.g. NTFS of Windows NT, XP, HPFS of OS/2 or the Novell file system become bits for bits to transfer, the size of the partitions remains thereby invariably. For what do I need Disaster Recovery? If your computer system gives its spirit up, save immediately the toilsome new installing of the operating system and the following Zuruecksichern of the Backups. Boats you with your image CoPy and you copy the before provided image file on your (new) non removable disk back. Subsequently, you can take up non removable disk the work immediately with their - bits for bit restored - again. Also in this case the differences between the origin plate become, by which the image file was provided, and which goal plate automatically balanced, and as with the Cloning FAT know hard disk and/or FAT32 partitions is at will increased and made smaller, as long as the existing data fit on the goal plate. Function range: Image CoPy duplicates complete non removable disks bits for bits, and is thereby the optimal solution to the Backup of your complete system. Image CoPy makes operating system installations possible in shortest time. Image CoPy provides and reads compressed disk image files. Image CoPy makes a saving possible of "dying" non removable disks. Image CoPy increases and makes FAT smaller partitions during copying as required. Image CoPy adapts all structures to new non removable disk geometry. Image CoPy saves valuable work time of your technician. Image CoPy amortizes already after unique employment. Image CoPy is flexibly and extremely fast. Image CoPy is comfortably and simple to serve. Image CoPy is suitable for all PC operating systems. Image CoPy can be started directly of CD Rome. Image CoPy supported FireWire and USB non removable disks and is thus also well suitable to secure e.g. the data your laptops on an external plate. In former times the program of quart-earthhit a corner driven out as disk clone. The former prices were as follows:


Price DM

Price EURO

ImageCopy Standard Edition

49 DM

39 Euro

ImageCopy Advanced Edition

690 DM

39 Euro

ImageCopy Advanced Edition "Recovery Only"

149 DM

39 Euro

Update von Standard Edition V2.x auf Advanced Edition

570 DM

39 Euro

You can buy ImageCopy Advanced Edition now only for 690 DM  39 Euro here.





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