ImageCopy Product Info Version 3.0


  • ImageCopy duplicates complete hard disks bit by bit.

  • ImageCopy makes it possible to install operating systems in a
    very short time.

  • ImageCopy enlarges or reduces FAT-partitions during the copying.

  • ImageCopy adjusts all structures to fit the geometry of the new hard disk.

  • ImageCopy creates and reads compressed disk-image files.

  • ImageCopy facilitates the rescue of "dying" hard disks.

  • ImageCopy provides an optional "Fast-Copy mode" for FAT-partitions.

  • ImageCopy saves your engineer’s valuable productive time.

  • ImageCopy is flexible and extremely fast.

  • ImageCopy is comfortable and easy to operate.

  • ImageCopy is suitable for all PC-operating systems.

  • ImageCopy can be started directly from cd rom.

  • ImageCopy supports FireWire- und USB-Disks and is so very suitable for example to save the data of your laptop to an external drive.

You can order ImageCopy here.

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